Defense Innovation Lab, Inc, announced that it has been awarded a Manufacturing Technology Assistance grant from Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation. DiLab will assist R3 Printing, Inc. in their effort to the develop advanced 3D Printing technology.

The Defense Innovation Lab supports entrepreneurs working on defense and government-focused technology. Aimed at taking commercial technologies from concept to prototype and low-rate production, DiLab brings together start-ups, laboratories, academia, and industry to deliver innovations to the warfighter — faster.

DiLab and R3 Printing will be jointly conducting advanced manufacturing research and technology development with the AMPrint Center for Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

R3 Printing is bringing to market the R3 Printer, an enterprise-grade 3D printer optimized for both commercial manufacturing and defense logistics applications. The R3 Printer rapidly produces both plastic and composite 3D prints at speeds “90% faster than competitor 3D printers,” according to the company.

“The combination of 90% faster prints, 200% more efficient build-volume capture and Active Overheat Prevention provides breakthrough capabilities such as rapid print-job turnaround and increased individual printer bandwidth,” R3 Printing co-founder and President Dan Downs said in a statement. “Faster 3D prints, increased printer bandwidth, monitored 3D printers mean more money made each day by on-demand manufacturers – the companies that produce 3D printed goods. For the US military, these features mean an R3 Printer is a tool that helps our servicemen respond  to equipment failure immediately and at the source with new operational components that otherwise may take months to arrive via traditional supply chains.”