Blockchain Will Disrupt Enterprise Like the aims to bring the future of technology into the hands of the consumers who have invested in it

The team at has created a platform that brings together investors, scientists and members of the community in a transparent system for raising capital, utilizing blockchain technology.

The Tecra investment platform supports the commercialization of patent-protected, high-end technologies and puts the power to choose the technology of the future into the hands of the investors in the project.

Tecra Coin
Tecra Coin

Using their Proof-of-Work Coin called Tecra Coin (TCR), consumers who meet certain criteria will have the opportunity to invest in the products commercialized by Tecra Coin. Investors will be given the power to vote on which products will be funded from a rich assortment of patented and developed products and applications. 

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The initial commercialization efforts will be focused on patented Graphene products and applications based on Tecra Coin’s assessment of the potential for vast growth.

The co-founder of expressed optimism for Graphene as Tecra Coin’s first focal point.

“Graphene will be a material to improve technological advances in medicine, automotive and construction industries to name a few. Our opinion is backed by granted patents, with more filings in process, from both academic researchers, as well as private sector R&D units.” -Przemyslaw Karda, Tecra Coin Co-Founder

The team at Tecra Coin spans many industries and includes seasoned business experts, blockchain developers, renowned scientists, legal advisors and strong leaders in public relations.

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