BULLETPROOF, a GLI company is proud to announce the release of Bulletproof 365 Enterprise (B365E), end-to-end intelligent security powered by Microsoft 365 and Azure Sentinel. Announced as generally available now, Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s new cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across an enterprise—fast.

B365E is a comprehensive managed service for Microsoft-powered organizations that bridges the gap in cybersecurity tools, skills and capacity. It provides organizations with seamless, enterprise-grade security in one cost-effective package with no long-term commitment.

“With the rise in cybersecurity threats, organizations have invested in numerous security programs including firewalls, IDS Intrusion Prevention Detection Systems, and SIEM systems,” said Andrew Jefferies, VP, Security Services at Bulletproof. “For IT departments that were already stretched, adding these additional programs and the corresponding data has increased their already overloaded agendas. There is often little room left in the budget for new headcount, but the IT team needs help. B365E is designed to help support the security of the business, take on the daily monitoring and prioritization of alerts and notifications, and give time back to the IT team so they can focus on more high-value work.”