Bloomin’ Blinds, a leading nationwide provider of blind installation and repair services, has partnered with service experience platform Dispatch to modernize their customer journey. Family owned and operated since 2001, Bloomin’ Blinds has set itself apart from other providers with its convenient mobile service model and emphasis on extraordinary customer experiences.

By partnering with Dispatch, the franchise can now provide a seamless booking experience, last-mile tracking/notifications, and automated social profile management to its customers. “Dispatch gives us exactly what we’re looking for — helping us to make our service experience seamless,” said Bloomin’ Blinds CEO Kelsey Stuart. “On top of that, their platform was highly flexible and has been so easy to integrate with our existing systems.”

Helping to formalize the multi-year partnership was Krista Avantini, Dispatch’s Director of Emerging Franchise Brands, who described the relationship as “an amazing opportunity to provide Bloomin’ Blinds’ network of business owners with a comprehensive solution — while simultaneously delivering a modernized experience to their customers.”